august moments

august 31st! already? oh yes, this month is in hurry! i haven’t done much, but i’m enjoying each moment and beauty around me. little pleasures, ordinary moments, simplicity, and gratitude are what i look for day by day.

i enjoy the sunrise while drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and in the evening i  watch the sunset by the river.

my garden is blooming with roses,

the library in my city has many wonderful books, i can get almost any book that i want in there!

my creativity is slowly coming back.

and you? how is your summer/winter going on?



16 thoughts on “august moments

  1. Summer was a blur for me. It seems the very hot weather affected my activities as I only went kayaking once, to the beach once, swimming once. Not really sure what I even did especially compared to last year. Reviewing photos from last year makes me wonder if I were ever home, this year seems I was mostly home. It is all good and there is a big trip planned for November so the fall is looking great. View from you kitchen is very nice!!


  2. I couldn’t wait for August to end, with those record temperatures! I went for a scoot yesterday, and already there was a real whiff of Autumn in the air and the light had a hint of a September glow… yippee, my favourite season is birthing!
    Beautiful photos, btw xx



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