My Art Journaling Practice


It is a lovely evening here in my part of the world. I can see the trees, they have a luscious green, and listen to the birds while I write this post. It has rained for the major part of the day, the plants needed it, we had few days of heat and dryness this weak. I like to listen to the sound of the rain, it’s calming, and the smell of the earth after the rain is refreshing.

I shared with you my journaling practice last week, you can find it here. This week I want to share with you few pages of my art journaling practice. Sometimes it is easy to express ourselves through images and only a few words, or no words at all.


Thanks for stopping by,

Elizabeth 🙂

19 thoughts on “My Art Journaling Practice

  1. Thank you for all the lovely messages in your art journal. I love seeing all the butterflies fluttering about. Beautiful! A picture can say a 1,000 words, thank you Elizabeth for sharing yours!


    1. It’s a great practice indeed, I love to make cards as well. Right now I’m joining an Instagram challenge making one art index card per day. I should post about it by the end of the week.

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    1. That’s the quote I noticed, too, Loisajay. How I wish I’d known this in my younger years, I’m sure I would have had a better sense of my own inner worth…
      Oh well, I’ve learnt it now – in my fifties 😀
      Thanks, Elizabeth ❤

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      1. You are welcome my dear friend, I wish the same, to have learned it in younger years, when I let many people take advantage of my lack of worth, but I guess have learned it now in middle-age is better than never 😉


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