June moments

Can you believe today is the last day of June and the half-year is gone by?

Being at home has proportioned me with tiny pleasures that before were reserved only for the weekends.



ENJOYING – I’m spending lots of time in my backyard. I enjoy looking at the flowers and the insects that visit them, like butterflies and dragonflies. Lots of birds visiting my yard as well. We have a birdbath and I love watching them playing in the water.



CREATING – My creativity is low right now, I’m not sure what is going on, but I don’t have any enthusiasm to be in my art room. I managed to make a notebook and few art cards this month.


BAKING – I’m testing new recipes for both baking and cooking. Up to know they have been a success, like this apple cake.




READING – I’m reading a lot, all kinds of books. The library in my city has a great collection of books: old and new. I like to read 2 books at the same time, one fiction and another one non-fiction or poetry.



FOCUSING – On tiny things. Observing details that generally we are too busy to see and be grateful that I have the opportunity to be a witness of the magical nature around me.



Wishing you a lovely July!

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” Buddha



12 thoughts on “June moments

  1. hi elizabeth – thanks for reading and following my blog. your blog is gorgeous and i look forward to following and reading more. best, beth (another one)


  2. May your July bring you more healing moments, dear Elizabeth. I can almost smell your apple cake and I love your garden Buddha.

    As I was watching the stars last night and ‘just’ sitting, I was reminded how we don’t always allow ourselves the moments to just be still and not be doing or thinking. I feel these being moments are as valuable as the doing ones for me.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful moments with me. xxx

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  3. Be gentle with yourself, Elizabeth. My tastes in food, in things that I had liked to do–all of that changed until I started on the road to recovery. My likes/dislikes in food has changed dramatically and I think I am OK with it. Slowing down and ‘being’–that is the curveball life threw me. I guess I needed something to get my attention to the fact that no, I could not do it all. And you know what? I am OK with it. Any stress is self-inflicted so I can shut it down whenever it gets more than I can handle. Cooking and baking–ah, my stress release. Take care, Elizabeth. The light in the tunnel comes on slowly, but when it does–it shines brightly. XO

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    1. Hi Lois, glad you mentioned the changes in food! Me too! Before I hated pickles and soft drinks, now I’m eating pickles and drinking a can of Pepsi with each meal. We have changed so much and the recovering, the changes aren’t easy. When I was in the hospital I said to myself that I would never hurt myself again, I wouldn’t get stressed and I would love myself without any restrictions. But it’s so difficult to keep up being good to myself. When I take my clothes off and look at all the scars in my body I feel self-compassion. I need to learn that things have changed and take easy. Thanks so much for your these words and for sure cooking and baking are great tools for relaxing. Hugs to you!

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  4. i am so happy for you dear Elizabeth and see healing taking place through your photos and journal words. You deserve all the sunshine and pretty things, you are such a warm soul to others i pray the days will continue to bless you abundantly. love the photos of your garden, the weather seems to be very kind and gracious too. be well my dear friend.

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    1. I’m healing little by little, some days are easier than others, recovering is a strange process. The weather here is lovely, the plants are happy and it’s a blessing to be at home and enjoy nature. Thanks so much for the pray and your lovely words my dear friend. Hugs!

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