My journaling practice



I’ve been away from this space for several months because of health issues. I’m back now, I miss this space where I can share my thoughts with you. I’m still recovering, so I’m planning to post once a week and I wish my posts can inspire you. My posts will be about my journaling practice, art journal, books I’m reading, my garden…, beautiful things around me.


Why do I journal?

I’ve been journaling, almost every day, since 2013. Generally, I write 2 to 3 pages in the morning before starting the daily chores. I need to lay down my thoughts on the pages of my notebook to understand my feelings, to answer questions that are floating in my mind and to discern between what is really important to me and the other stuff that I must let go.

I didn’t start to journal without any guidance, I read lots of books about journaling and writing until I settle down with my journaling style.  Here, here and here are three books that I keep on my desk as a reference and inspiration for my journaling.


My Journaling style

It isn’t easy to transform our thoughts into written words, at least for me. I need silence and a pleasant environment, so I go down to my studio taking with me a cup of tea.  I light one or two candles and I warm my wrists with essential oil.  I take few deep breaths and I’m ready to open my notebook and decorate the pages. I use lots of washi tape and clips from magazines.


As inspiration, I use Oracle/Tarot cards or poems/quotes, generally from Rumi and Hafiz or any book I’ve close by.

I believe that our minds keep secret messages from us and writing is a way to discover these messages. I’m always surprised with the messages that come up while I’m writing.

Hope you enjoyed to know a little bit of my journaling practice.


39 thoughts on “My journaling practice

    1. Hi Claire, I’m so happy you visited my blog, yes, I’m back to my art, journaling and blogging! It’s wonderful you be here in WP, you will like this plataform. Of course, I’ll visit and follow your lovely blog. Hugs to you my friend!


    1. Dear Wendy, thanks for visiting my blog. I miss you! I’m at home now, after 4 months in the hospital. I’m recovering, but it’s a slow process that I need to take day by day, step by step. It’s good to be blogging again. Hugs to you!

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    1. Dear Jodi, thanks so much for visiting. Being at home with my family, after 4 months in the hospital, is making me strong, but the recovery is slow, I need to accept it. At least I’m being able to resume the activities I love, like journaling and blogging. Hugs to you my friend!

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  1. Welcome back to your blogging space Elizabeth. So lovely to see you here again. Thank you for sharing your practice. You give me lots of inspiration to keep at mine. And I love the essential oil touch. Which ones do you use? xxx


    1. Thanks, dear Delicia, it’s good to be back. I’m glad I’ve inspired you, you always inspire me as well with your photos and words. Generally, I use lavender or orange, I love the freshness of the orange oil, and I have few blends with crystals inside. And I forgot to add the salt lamp that I turn on too. Hugs to you!

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  2. Hello Elizabeth, nice to see your “come back” after a dark period. I like the ritual before you start journaling❤ The Artist Way is really a fine book. I ‘m also an artjournaling person but to me its a place to play and try to use less words, one image says more than 1000 words. Nice to know you true IG.


    1. Hello Kiki, thanks for visiting! Yes, I’m resuming the activities that I love, like journaling and blogging. I love art journaling too, and I agree, one image can say more than 1000 words. I try to do both, journaling with words (the first thing in the morning) and play with my art journal later on. It’s nice to know you as well, the IG community is wonderful. Hugs to you!


  3. It was so wonderful to find your post in my mailbox! Every day you are becoming stronger and stronger, Elizabeth. I’m so happy you are home with the people and things you love. xx


    1. Dear Grace, It’s good to resume the activities that I love, like journaling every day and blogging. The recovery is slow, but being at home with my family has helped a lot. Thanks for visiting, and you know I love you! hugs!


    1. Dear Lois, so good to hear you and Parker have missed me, I missed you guys too! I was in the hospital for more than 4 months, lots of suffering for me and my family. Now I’m at home, the recovery is slow, I have to take it day by day and step by step. And you my dear, how are you doing? Love and hugs to you and Parker.


      1. Elizabeth–I am so sorry to read this–the hospital part. One day and one step at a time is good. Slow and steady, Elizabeth. I am doing well. I finished chemotherapy in April, so now…..periodic tests and lots of prayers. Parker is so happy you are back!

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      2. Dear Lois, it wasn’t easy to be in the hospital for this long time and away from my family. Glad to know you are done with the chemotherapy. For both of us now are the check ups and for sure lots of prayers. Kisses to you and Parker!

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  4. welcome back Elizabeth! so good to see you writing here and on instagram, I know its been a really tough few months for you and you have been able to mentally battle the illness as well as physically. I look forward to reading your words of healing and grace, you are an amazing woman, know you are loved and cherished.


    1. Dear Gina, yes these last few months weren’t easy, but now, at home, I’m feeling much better, the recovery is slow and I need to accept it, day by day, step by step. Thank you for the amazing woman, you are amazing too! Thanks for the love, hugs to you!

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    1. Dear Karen, thanks so much for visiting. I’m happy to be able to journal again, I really missed it. I’m feeling much better now, only to be at home with my family makes me stronger. Hugs to you!


  5. Glad to see a post from you Elizabeth.
    The only journal I kept was when I visited my brother in NZ in 2010. I added bits of paper, receipts and dried flowers. I still have it. Other than that, my thoughts go into my blog either in poetry or the photos I take of the wildlife around me. I also have my music for those moments when I need to express myself without words.


    1. Hello, my dear, it’s good to be back here. There are several forms of registering and organizing our thoughts. Blogging, poetry, and music are wonderful ways of journaling. Your journal from NZ should be beautiful, I’ve never thought in adding dried flowers on my journal. I like the idea and I should do it! Thanks for visiting, hugs to you!

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