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I love short stories, around 50 words, we can say so much about it and the best is that the reader mind can fly with all the possibilities left hidden between the lines. So here is my 52 words story for Sue’s challenge: MAGIC


Photo credit – Sue Vicent


From her bedroom window, Ella sees nature dressed in white like a bride waiting for the groom. The bare branches are dancing the wedding waltz. The sky is deep blue, yes, something blue for good luck. Turning to the mirror, Ella sees the scars on her skin. Good luck to who?


5 thoughts on “writephoto :: magic

  1. Very interesting story, Elizabeth. I think it’s hard to write shorter stories, because each word has to accomplish something. With that said… I am not sure the last sentence is necessary…
    Have a great day.


    1. Hi Helen, thanks, I thought the last sentence is confronting the magic of wearing blue and the reality that there isn’t any luck around her. Do you think people could understand this point without the last sentence?

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