writephoto – eye


Photo credit – Sue Vicent

If I was walking in the forest

and found a magical portal

For sure I’d love to go back to the past

Not so sure if  I’d like to know the future

But the past, yes, of course!

Not only to look at it but to change it

But how to change it

if at that time

I did what I thought to be right

And I didn’t know better

Would I be the same today

If the past wasn’t the same

Maybe it’s best

to leave the past there

Bye bye magical portal

I don’t need you

Joining Sue’s writephoto challenge

And you? If you come across a magical portal, would you go in?







17 thoughts on “writephoto – eye

  1. Thoughtful and thought provoking poem Elizabeth. I also feel that I would leave the past as it is, for it has shaped who I am now, like you said. Who we are now. Yet perhaps, journeying through your magical portal would allow me to observe the past. And through that observation, it may bring me a better understanding, acceptance and healing today in my now. This is how I see the past within my present moment. xxx

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    1. Thanks Isadora, do you believe that I only realized it while writing these words. When I started I had the idea that it will be great to go back and change things, but then I said NO, I wouldn’t be myself here and now. We I saw this photo the first thing in my mind was a portal to the past, and now I see I don’t need it. I’m really surprised!

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      1. I understand this now, thanks so much for this photo, when I looked at it the first think I thought was a portal to the past so I could change it. but writing my words I realized NO, if I change it I’d not be myself here and now.

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