i’m here this morning pondering about something my son said yesterday. we were talking about how 2022 is almost ending, December is starting and we haven’t done many planned things for this year. He said to me:

“don’t worry, time is linear. months, years all these are created by men, time isn’t something that starts and ends, it’s constantly going on and on. we only realize the changes of the seasons because we live in Canada, if we were at the Equator, where is 30 C year-round, the seasons wouldn’t make a difference.”

wow! without expecting i received a wonderful lesson yesterday. according to him months and years created by man are nonsensical. His thoughts have only strengthened my point of view that what matters is the moment, being here and now.

anyways, habits are difficult to change, so i’m wishing a happy new month to you!

joining Moonwashed weekly prompt – nonsensical

23 thoughts on “time

    1. Thanks, Jude! I know, for sure some oscillation in the temperature. I spent some time in South America, and the temperature would go from 20C to maximum 35C, green all year around. Such a pretty place. Here we go from +30C in the summer to -30C in the winter.

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  1. Animals also notice and respond to changing seasons, as a matter of survival. Worrying about the things not done before winter made sense for humans in ancient times, when everyone had to gather and store food so they wouldn’t starve. We probably have some hard-wired brain circuits passed down from our ancestors that make us notice the seasons and look to see if we’ve done everything that needs doing. That’s okay โ€” we just need to remind ourselves not to worry about it!

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    1. Yes, Meg! We have our ancestors experiences in ourselves. I agree following the seasons is a great way to be present and enjoying the moment, instead being worried with the changes of the months and years.


  2. I’ve family that lived in warmer climates. They claimed to have seasons… but if they aren’t getting a full cold winter can they be trusted ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Time like many things is indeed made my humans who need explainations for things. Living presently is a gift! ๐Ÿ’–

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