Photo by Tom Fisk on
between tubes and plates
experiments going on
the results inspire
it's all science is about
little by little
positive or negative
questions and answers
the pathways are completed
the enchantment is broken

Tanka Tuesday this week is Share your Day! I’ve chosen to share a little bit of my workday with you using a poetry form called chōka. The photo represents how sometimes I fell when doing my job. Hope you enjoy it and guess what is my job about.

19 thoughts on “Science

  1. Oh, there are so many feilds (OK the pun was intended) in regards to research and development. One show I like to watch has a gal who creates crosswords. Though there really isn’t a science aspect to that. You could be someone who mixes fragrences or works in a winery… but perhaps something more in a medical feild where there is quite a bit of trial and slow progress 😀

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