journaling in my living room
blue and yellow blast
i'm lost in a field of dreams
edge of the abyss

i look at my hands
the tiny emerald ring
roots me to the earth
it's time to grow and renew
the grass dancing with the breeze

Is anyone else feeling at the edge of the abyss? This winter has been so long and the creativity muse has left. Finally, this week the outdoors grey is giving some space for the sunshine and I’m starting to reclaim my creativity.

Tanka Tuesday this week is colours of the rainbow, green. My poem, consisting of a haiku and a tanka, intentionally doesn’t have the word green in it, but it has ‘green’ all over it. Hope you enjoy it!

18 thoughts on “green

  1. beautiful poetry. no winter season where i am, but the abyss occasionally comes within sight. i have sometimes written my way into it, and other times i write my way out.

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    1. I like the idea of writing about it, in or out! The abyss is inside our mind, the weather can play a role but it’s the way you answer to it that matters.


  2. Your journal is always gorgeous, Elizabeth; just like your poetry. I like your take on spring! I’m ready too… but Michigan spring is roaring like a lion with high winds and more snow coming our way. We had the perfect day yesterday, and I actually had the opportunity for a walk. It was great fun! ❤

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  3. I enjoyed your poem, Elizabeth. My favorite line is “it’s time to grow and renew.” I don’t experience the winter gray down here in South Florida, but I can connect to the muse going mute. I’m happy your creativity is returning. 🙂

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