a field of wishes
scattered, pieces of a dream
hunting the magic
wind is blowing illusion
secrets of the harvest moon

how many times do we wish that illusions turn into reality? we are lost in a field waiting for the magic. it was nice to write this poem last evening. the words came out without much thinking, and I understood that I’m waiting too much. 

Sharing with tanka tuesday. this week’s theme is harvest moon.

17 thoughts on “secrets

  1. Very fitting and so well done, Elizabeth. For me, one line got me … Not one in the poem, but this one in your short narrative … “we are lost in a field waiting for the magic.” …. a perfect explanation of your poem.

    Sorry I didn’t respond to your question when I last commented here. All is well here, and I’m hoping for beach walks to return in late October.


    1. Hi Frank, good to hear everything is well. I was away a little bit, trying to recharge and rest before the busyness of the fall started. I agree, that sentence is a tough one for me, I’m always waiting for something instead of taking action. Thanks for visiting!



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