Tanka Tuesday :: Nightdress

Image Credit: Kerfe Roig

the constellations
birds dancing in ecstasy
saluting the moon
still hands holding together
the mystical nightdress

Tanka Tuesday this week is a photo prompt, exploring Ekphrastic writing. My first thought when I looked at this artwork was about a party in the sky, and of course, the moon is the host of the party!

23 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday :: Nightdress

  1. I thought of a brides negligee – I’ve been watching the renovation of the Brady Bunch home – and they filled the closet with similar night gowns that Florence Henderson (Carol Brady). During renovation show Florence’s daughter revealed that Florence didn’t wear those nighties at home 😀

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      1. The Brady Bunch had a good long run – I remember watching it as a child. I didn’t watch the Brady’s get married… I may have watched some of the Brady Movie… they went on Vacation to Hawai’i. It was fun to watch the renovation show.

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