Bright pages

Nothing like starting the day with bright new pages. I’ve been writing morning pages for almost a decade. It has become a habit, like brushing the teeth and drinking a cup of coffee early mornings.

My favorite notebook for my journaling is Moleskine. I love the softness of the pages, and it just few right in my hands. This one is almost done. I’d like to try a new brand, but not sure which one I’d go for. Any suggestions?

Bright square

19 thoughts on “Bright pages

  1. Nice photo. I have a few journals, the midori travellers notebook is my favourite as you can have a lot of additions with it like zip pockets or artist paper if you like doing watercolours and well lots of stuff really! 🤣

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  2. I love to journal. I am currently trying to work my way through the Artists way. But I am using loose A4 for that. In terms of journal I use cheap journals, as I have another journal that I call lessons learnt, where I keep the lesson. And the regular cheap journal I generally throw away -as part of my declutter.

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