20 thoughts on “Noticing # 89

  1. Yes, and I think you’re right that the brightness has something to do with it. Tuesday morning was bright and clear in my area, but instead of feeling invigorated by the sunshine, I felt tired and barely able to move through my day. It wasn’t lack of sleep, but cumulative mental exhaustion. Usually when winter is halfway over, we’re making plans for what to do in the spring. I’m sure that has been hardwired in humans ever since cavemen started keeping track of the seasons, but this year we can’t make plans to do anything. I threw away the garden catalog with barely a glance at it because I just didn’t care anymore.

    Of course, this can’t last forever, but it’s starting to feel like nested nightmares… you know, the sort where you dream that a monster is chasing you, and then you feel like you woke up and it’s all going to be okay, but you look around and the monster is still there.

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    1. Yes, Meg! You are so right, it’s like a nightmare that doesn’t go away. We had another snow storm yesterday and it’s like the world has frozen and we are trapped inside it and inside ourselves, there isn’t any room for plans, indeed spring seems so far away.



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