the week in between

hello my friends, i hope you had a jolly christmas. here, in my part of the world, we had a white christmas day with lots of snow. we are on lockdown again, so online ordering for groceries and last minute gifts, a cozy meal with the family, just perfect, the way i like it.

the week in between christmas and new year. it is such a special one. it’s like the world has stopped, ‘the holidays’ as people like to say:

  • we don’t have time to wake up or time to go to bed
  • we want to do many things and at the same time to do nothing
  • the christmas tree is still up, but the gifts are unwrapped.
  • we are stuffed with all the christmas food, but making plans for the new year’s eve feast
  • our mind goes back to the year that is ending, contentment and regrets all mixed up.
  • our thoughts go ahead for the year that is starting carrying plans and dreams.
  • the days are getting longer, the snow has melted but the air is pregnant and heavy, the winter isn’t done yet.

happy new year to you!

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