A view

Lunch time view from my office

The campus used to be full of students at this time of the year since is the middle of the term.

Today they would be wearing costumes and they would visit all the departments to get treats. The faculty would be dressed up too to give treats. I would wear my old witch hat, and a spider stick on my hand.

Halloween at the university is a tradition that we all look forward to. The students, most of them young adults, behave like kids. It’s lots of fun to watch them discussing their treats with their peers and commenting on which department has given the best ones. I love to see their costumes and the smile on their faces.

This year, with all the classes online, it’s difficult to spot a student on campus. I hope they find a way to enjoy themselves this Halloween.

October Squares – Kind

13 thoughts on “A view

  1. Another casualty of Covid! We have bought sweets in case the little ones come ‘trick or treating’ tomorrow but we have no idea if they will. On All Saint’s Day there is always a procession through the streets but I doubt that will happen either 😦 😦

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