autumn rose

Aren’t autumn roses the best?

Nature keeps all the beauty and fragrance for the start of the new season. This yellow rose is in my front garden, she is beautiful and has such a strong fragrance. Kindness from nature to give me a lovely rose and self-kindness from my side; Before going out and when coming back home, I pause and breathe in the wonderful perfume that it’s good for my soul. It’s a self-gift of a refreshing moment.

October Squares

28 thoughts on “Fragrance

    1. I agree! It’s like a ritual, the rose call our attention, we stop, admire it, and then we smell it, slowly, taking in all the perfume, it’s like we want to keep it inside us.


  1. Mam used to have a small rose garden. She’s been dead now for 30 years but I can still picture and name most of the roses. Not sure that I can still smell them. That’s a real treat, Elizabeth πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    1. My mother loved roses, the red ones, she took such good care of them. I always remember her when I see a pretty red rose, I have a few in my garden too. Our memories take us back quickly to the past. I’m happy you can picture and name your mam’s roses after all these years, it’s lovely!


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