Pumpkin pie and coffee. I went to the farmers market yesterday. First time since the pandemic started months ago. I was glad to see that the local farmers didn’t stop. They had all the goodness of the season there: apples, pears, plums, pumpkins…. Now, more than ever, we should support our local business to booster our city economy.

Happy Sunday to you!

13 thoughts on “Market

  1. Hi – I love your photo of the pie and coffee and the tablecloth!
    I made some version of pumpkin pie this week and it came out well (Stevia and almond flour)
    Oh and we do need to support the fathers big time

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    1. It’s delish, but I didn’t bake it, I bought at the market, made by the farmers, mine never tastes like these ones. I’m sure they have a secret ingredient for them! 😉


    1. It’s really taste, I buy one of those every weekend at the market, my kid loves it, and it is a good snack for after school, at least loaded in fibres and vitamin C. One way to add some veggie to his diet!

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