books. i’ve many, my bookshelves are overflowing! i read a lot, and i really like to feel the weight of the book in my hands. most of the time i order the hardcopy, or the real book as i like to say. i’ve my kindle that i use mostly when travelling, and now in COVID times i’m using it more, i’m not comfortable in getting books by mail.

i don’t keep all the books i’ve read, only the ones that really touched me and i’m sure i’ll go back to them, so i donate most of my books during the spring, but this year the donation centres around here have stopped receiving books donations. i’ve sorted out the books i want to keep and made this pile for donation. these books are waiting for new hands to hold them.

And you? do you prefer hardcopy or electronic version? do you keep all your books?

A room without books is like a body without a soul. 

Nurturing Thursday

16 thoughts on “books

  1. Always a hard copy–I don’t even like paperback books. I like the real thing. Plus, I don’t own a Kindle, and don’t have a desire to. It’s the feel of a book in hand that…..just feels right. I donate most of my books, too. I like the thought of sharing a good story with someone else.

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    1. i like the smell of a new book too! it’s refreshing and full of possibilities! the kindle is good for when we travel, i download many books on them and no weight! But at home nothing better and the real ones! 🙂

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  2. Same here. I’ve got shelves and shelves full of books. I’ve sorted and will keep my favorites, but others I do try to donate. I read on Kindle sometimes, but just can’t really get used to it. 😉

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  3. Good pile there. I donate to Phil’s hospital, he’s in the operating theatres and have a book swap going on. I will buy a proper book if it’s something I want to keep, but with all the paper wastage going on I do most of it on kindle now.

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    1. I like the kindle, but I do most of my reading at the bedtime, and I don’t like much to use electronics before sleeping, the light is too harsh and keep me awake for long. For sure, it’s a great options to get rid of all the paper.

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