Nurt Thurs – Moments of Joy

Inner peace. Many things happening in the world right now, we need to find pockets of joy here and there to keep our inner peace.

  • I’m walking around my neighbourhood early morning and trying to find ordinary beauty in each corner.
  • Taking care of my plants: potting and repotting, watering, talking to them, yes! you heard it right! I like to talk to them.
  • Watching the sunset in the evenings after all the chores of the day are done.

Hope you can find moments of joy during your day.

Sharing with Nurturing Thursday.

13 thoughts on “Nurt Thurs – Moments of Joy

  1. That’s what I tell my depressed friends, “Peace is within you don’t search it in others. If you can’t dig deep inside you go and spend some time in nature, it will help.”
    And the images you have shared are worth revealing that nature is beautiful and you can find peace. and yeah I love plantation.


    1. Hi Newtan, you are right, the solution is inside us, but I understand sometimes the pressure outside is too much and we let it disturb our peace. Being in contact with Nature is a great way to refocus.



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