Noticing # 71

morning pages

Hello, I’ve just noticed that today is the last Sunday of November! Soon, Christmas and New Year will be knocking on the door.

I love December, all the beautiful lights, decorations, people getting together, all the merry and merry. But I don’t enjoy the business that comes with December: finishing projects, buying gifts, planning meals, parties… I try to focus on simplicity and minimalism, but it’s almost impossible.

One way to keep my mind centred is to write every morning, put on the paper my ideas and focus for the day.

And you? How do you keep your focus on the busiest month of the year?

Wishing a great last week of November to you!

6 thoughts on “Noticing # 71

  1. December can get a little draining, despite all of its beauty! 🙂 I try to enjoy a lot of my favorite Christmas movies and the glow of the tree to keep myself centered 🙂


  2. The benefit of retirement is having quiet Christmas. I am a great believer in lists, and lists upon lists! I have done morning pages before, but find I now prefer to download with bedtime pages. Your book looks very attractive with the picture stuck in.


    1. Lists and lists, yes, I like them too, it seems I can function if I don’t have everything listed! I like to had images to my pages, sometimes I think they express my feelings much more than words.


  3. My birthday is in December so I block it all out except for MY DAY! 🙂 Christmas has become quite simple now with just me and my husband, and I can say I truly enjoy the quiet. I hope you find calmness, Elizabeth.

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