noticing # 60

Slow Saturday afternoon. I’m enjoying a cup of tea and wondering around. I’ve already bought all the Christmas gifts. Waiting for them to be delivered. I can’t deal with the mall crowd these days, so it’s much easier to get everything online. 

I opted for simple and meaningful gifts, mostly handmade items from small online shops. I know they are made with love and intention, and at the same time, I’m making the maker and the receiver happy.  

I shortened the list too. Outside of my family, I’m only getting gifts for 3 co-workers and my personal trainer. These are people I see every day and are always there for me. 

Noticing how making life simple is rewarding!


6 thoughts on “noticing # 60

  1. Simplicity is my key to happiness, Elizabeth. I am easily overwhelmed and enjoy purchasing from the local shops downtown. Much more pleasant, less crowded and, as you say, items made with love. Enjoy your weekend!

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