noticing # 46


A cup of tea and a book always make me happy. This book is awesome! Easy to read, few characters and the main one is a woman. My kind of book!

I’m almost done with this book. Not sure what I’ll read next, maybe a mystery on my Kindle. Any suggestion? What are you reading right now?

Have a great Friday!

6 thoughts on “noticing # 46

  1. i love this book, yes simple and about a woman and strength we have. a good read indeed. what am i reading? two books – the Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson and My Grandmother send her regards and apologies – Fredrik Backman -with some chocolate and peppermint tea – hope your weekend is coming up splendidly

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion dear Claire, I’ll check it out! It’s raining and cold here as well, perfect for a good book and a cup of tea. Have a great week my friend!



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