noticing # 38


noticing how vulnerable i’m right now. a look, a word, a piece of clothing can make me sad and unfocus. i want to cry and to hide, i want that the night arrives fast so i can sleep and forget the day. i’m sure this is part of the recovering process. i’ve never imagined that recovery could have many phases, seems there is no end.  i hope a better phase starts soon.



15 thoughts on “noticing # 38

  1. My sweet friend, yes, this is indeed part of the healing process. Remember that we are all keeping you close to our hearts and I pray that you heal. Remember, Elizabeth, to seek support if it all becomes to much for you to handle alone. I found talking to a professional to be very helpful when I was going through chemotherapy. Sending you love. xo

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    1. dear Grace, thanks so much for your friendship and inspiration. i don’t know where or how to look for support, in truth i don’t want to talk or remember everything i went through. i know or better i don’t know if there is anyway, except to give time to the time and see how things turn out. love to you too my friend.


  2. i ma sorry you are feeling this way but thank you for sharing so we can all hold you in the light, as steadfastly as your candle burns too. know that everything has a season. let time heal as peace slowly returns.

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