noticing # 15


my journaling time is a kind of ritual. it’s the time i connect with my inner-self.  i listen to a deeper voice, my soul’s voice, so i need solitude and silent. a candle and earth elements close by. sometimes i draw a card, to use it as a prompt. coffee or tea is a must. my favorite tools are a plain Moleskine notebook and a Micron pen. this week i’m joining  a writing challenge on IG, #quietwriting, i like the prompts and i’m joining it because it is a short challenge, only 7 days. yesterday’s prompt was ‘creative space’ and i shared this photo showing my journaling time.

And you? where/how do you like to write?


10 thoughts on “noticing # 15

  1. your notebooks and journals have such a magical feel when i see them on IG and here. I write in the mornings when my mind is clear and no distractions, i have my devotion and quiet time, that helps me keep focused throughout the day. I will add pictures and colour later to the journal, maybe at the end of the week, but writing comes first. thank you for sharing this beautiful part of your writing Elizabeth

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    1. it’s interesting, i first add the images and then i write. morning time is the best for journaling. do you handwrite your poems or do you type them directly? i always wanted to ask it to you. thanks for the lovely comment 😉

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      1. always handwritten on paper first, sometimes they are in the same form never edited, sometimes re written totally – i go with my feelings. nice sharing with you Elizabeth



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