Art Fun

I joined an art party on Instagram during the weekend,  #jangluebookparty18.

This month the party was hosted by @the.butterfly.artist and @the_intrepid_goddess.

They provided 4 prompts and we made art pages with them, basically collage, since the party lasts 2 hours.  It’s such fun, we have one party in the first Saturday of every month.  I hosted one last year, and I’ll host another one in April. We have people from all over the world and prizes too. If you are interested in join them please let me know and I’ll send a message with the details close by. Here are my pages.

fresh start
this year I dream of
my word of the year
a cup of cheer

10 thoughts on “Art Fun

  1. Hi Elizabeth!

    I’ve often thought of joining but Saturdays are usually difficult. My husband works long hours during the week so Saturday and Sunday are the only days that I tend to see him awake, LOL! What time do you usually host the parties? I live in the eastern U.S. I really like your word for this year and can tell that you are off to a great start! xx


    1. Hi Grace, it would be lovely if you join. The parties start at 8 pm east time. From 8 to 10 we have the prompts, but you can post until Sunday noon. I feel embraced by my word 😉 yours is great too.


  2. How fun! I’ve never heard of an art party before. I don’t know if you are totally into art or being creative like that, but I joined an art challenge called #followyourart365 on instagram if you are interested!



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