Nurturing Thursday # 12

“Stop focusing on how stressed you are,

and remember how blessed you are. ”


This week could have been a crazy one. Too many things to do, here are few of them:

  • gifts wrapping
  • two potluck lunches (this means, hours cooking)
  • doctor appointment for one of the kids
  • hairdressing appointment for me
  • Pick up packages at the post office

I was getting stressed before the week started, how could I have time to do everything that needs to be done and still be a full day in the office?

Monday morning I made a list of all the chores for this week. At the end of the list, I wrote:

” You control your rhythm, nothing can steal your inner peace without your permission.”

I’m taking easy, step by step,  and more than 1/2 of the list is already checked. The best thing to do, when the stress starts to take over, is to slow down and do something unrelated to the stressed situation. This week I’m having lots of ‘me time’: journaling, reading, watching the snow or simply stopping and admiring the lights around me.  Everything is ok!

Happy Solstice to you!

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12 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday # 12

  1. Oh this is a good reminder, Elizabeth!! Especially this time of year!!

    BTW — I know this is not a sock monkey sitting in a planter with a hanging toy (although, it looks like it to me LOL) — so what is in this snowy photo???


      1. I know the feeling, and I can’t blame work as I don’t! This time of year is manic anyway and I’m avoiding the shops like the plague now. It was nice and quiet at the beginning of the week but suddenly everyone has realised the shops are closed for TWO DAYS and the shelves are cleared in a few hours! Season of good will? Ho Ho Ho is replaced with elbows in the back and ‘get out of my way’!


      2. Yes, I do all my Christmas shopping online, but i need to go to the grocery store tomorrow. It won’t be easy, people show the worst behaviour this time of the year.



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