writephoto – Ebb

Photo credit – Sue Vicent

We are almost reaching the beach. It wasn’t an easy day, I hate when Hugh talks to me like that. The children should be OK at the cottage with the nanny, better there than here with this weather and his mood changing all the time.

I should have listened to the old folks in the village “nobody go that way this time of the year, it isn’t safe”, but of course Hugh needs to proof that he is right and nothing can change his mind.  He came here to find an answer and he won’t stop until he gets it. I can’t understand why he is following the advice of that old witch, he is a business man, practical and never believed in magic. I shouldn’t have agreed with this nonsense, not without knowing what he is looking for, what the witch told him.

We should be close, I can hear the waves and Hugh is getting nervous, more than the usual.

What is he taking out of his backpack? No! It can’t be! How didn’t I see it coming! No Hugh! Please, no!

I’m alone now and my body is ebbing away.


Sharing with Sue’s Thursday photo prompt. The name of the character Hugh is for my friend Hugh from Hugh’s Views & News, he writes great horror/mystery stories and just posted one today ‘When the clocks go back”.  I think he will like that I have named the guy after him. 🙂

19 thoughts on “writephoto – Ebb

  1. That’s so kind of you to do, Elizabeth. Thanks ever so much. I loved the build up you put in the story. A great piece of flash fiction that has a lot of mystery and suspense through it. I look forward to reading more flash fiction from you.



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