Soul Work #1

october vision board

new month, new intentions. i make a vision board very month with the stuff i need to focus on the rest of the month. my october board has work out and journaling, spend more time outdoors enjoying nature’s show, eat yummy and health food, and being more joyful. i already do all of these, but the board is more an enforcement like making concrete my wishes.

october mandala

i love to make mandalas, they represent a connection between mind and soul. this one i made with pieces of paper, i interpret it as a sign that i need to have a strong connection between my feelings. i’m always surprised with the oracle cards that show up to me after an intense soul work, this one, fire, is confirming what the mandala shows, i need to invest more on my passions, do things that make me complete.

well, this is my first post! hope you enjoyed it. i’d love to hear your thoughts and wish wonderful october to you!

30 thoughts on “Soul Work #1

  1. Welcome back, Elizabeth.A lovely post to start with I love the autumnal colours, and you should definitely concentrate more on your passions and things that make you happy 🙂


  2. A lovely post, Elizabeth! Oh, how I love Autumn and her beautiful colours and light. Your photos make me so happy. I will join you, if that is okay, on spending time on passions and things that make us happy, I have let this part of my life slip for too long now. Happy October to you! xx


  3. Thanks for letting me know your back. It sure has been a while. I’ve been away myself due to Hurricane Irma.
    We’re trying to get the damages repaired. It’s a long …. long … long insurance process. I’ll pop in and out when I can.
    Looking forward to more inspiring posts. I like the idea of a vision board. The mandala has a hot summer night appeal.
    You’re on a roll, keep it up. Toodles, Izzy 😎


    1. Hi Carol, I stopped around a year ago. I had few problems with the another site, and I let it go. Lost posts and followers. A fresh start for this one, hope to have more luck. Thanks for visiting!

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  4. What a beautiful mandala and vision board. I love the idea of creating a new one every month to set new intentions. Happy blogging on your beautiful new site and happy October. 💖



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