Photo prompt round-up – Ebb – #writephoto

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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo



Beneath the surface
Monsters and hidden treasures
Lurk unsuspected
Awaiting discovery
When the tides of life have turned


The depths of a soul
Battered by experience
Hides many secrets
The waves will wash over them
A gradual erosion


A new beginning
Solve et coagula
Eternal motion
Wha will be is always born
From all that has gone before


The photo for this week’s prompt was taken at Heysham, on the beach below St Patrick’s chapel. There is als a wonderful old church there with a superb hogback stone.

As always, I would like to thank  everyone for their contibutions. I love seeing how many different stories and poems can be born from one image. All the posts are listed below, please click on the links below to read them and leave a comment for the author! A new prompt will be published later…

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Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Tuesday Challenge: Quiet & Space

So happy, I was chosen the POET OF THE WEEK for my Cinquain ‘Ancestors’ !!!

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry


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An update on last week’s message where I asked for someone to take over the challenge for November 2017 while I participated in NaNoWritMo. The only responses I received were from folks who didn’t even participate in the challenge.

So, to keep things simple – from October 31st through November 28th there will be no weekly poetry challenge.

I’ll restart the challenge on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Thanks for your support. ❤

Please note:
We are all students of poetry. I have given you the instructions on how to write the different forms. Try your best to be as exact as you can. There are no tests, and I don’t grade your work. LOL!

The biggest change you will learn about is in writing a Haiku vs. a Senryu. Also, remember, pronunciation in different parts of the world will affect…

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