Foolish decision – fiction

Two little sisters were in need of a pet.

Papa, may we have a puppy? Too much barking! Papa, may we have a kitten? Too many claws. The girls were sad, and papa was worried. Which pet would be convenient for all? Bunnies! Two of them. The girls are happy and PomPom and Fluffy are growing each day, one black and the other white. The girls are all smiles as the months go by.

Suddenly one day: Papa, the TV isn’t working. Papa, the phone isn’t working. Papa, the refrigerator is warm…

Girls, what are the rabbits chewing on?

22 thoughts on “Foolish decision – fiction

  1. Did Papa change his mind then and get a puppy?
    This reminded me of when, as a kid, Frosty the rabbit sometimes came inside and yes, she got a shock when she chewed an electrical cord. She was fine but no more romping through the living room.

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  2. This reminds me of training my son not to chew on cords when he was a baby. He had just started crawling and discovered there were cords along the wall. I would catch him chewing on one, tell him “No cords,” and move him to the middle of the room. Then he would crawl right back to it, and I would have to put him in time out in his crib. Babies can be very persistent. I suppose rabbits can too!

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