Beauty on my way

Noticing and slowly taking in all the beauty of spring.

lake freshness

Last Sunday, I had a long walk around the neighbourhood, 5000 steps! I spotted this rose bush on my way.

roses at the lake

The poppies are gorgeous in a park close by.

poppies reaching high to the sky

During the week I walked by a path of gorgeous peonies. I wish I could put their fragrance in a bottle and bring it home.

a path of peonies

And yesterday, at lunch time, I was surprised with the beauty of these alliums in the university campus.

purple alliums beauty

โ€œIf we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.โ€ ย 


Wishing a great week to you, and remember to slow down and enjoy a little bit of beauty on your way. It can be the beauty of the flowers if you are in spring or the beauty of the leaves if you are in the autumn. It can be a beauty of a smile, a hug, eye contact with a strange coming in your direction or a simple thank you when you weren’t expecting it.


15 thoughts on “Beauty on my way

  1. You have a lovely peaceful neighborhood — if I lived there, I would go for long walks often ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course, as you say, there are little bits of beauty everywhere.

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    1. Hi Meg, yes! my neighborhood is lovely, but the weather not so much, it’s difficult to have a pleasant day, most of the time too cold, or raining like today. But do I enjoy to have long walks around here in any weather.



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