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For the love of reading and books is the theme for Sunday Stills this week.

Books, I don’t know what I would do without them. They are everywhere at home and I always have one in my bag. They mean comfort, safety, distraction and knowledge. I read more than one at a time, at the moment I’m reading Daisy Jones & the Six, a great book if you love to know the minds of rock stars in the 70s. I’m also reading The Untethered Soul, a deep knowledge of thoughts and why some of them persist in our mind. It’s the second time I’m reading it. I got a copy last year at the library, I liked it so much that I got my own copy, and now I’m reading and highlighting the most touching paragraphs.

I’m going to start soon More Glimpses from my blogger friend Hugh Roberts. I’ve read the first one, Glimpses and I love it! Short stories mixing mystery, horror and always a surprise ending. I was blogging more often when Hug wrote it, so I followed all the steps he took to write his first book and I knew some of the stories. It was a pleasure to hold on my hands the final product. Now he has this second one, and I can’t wait to dig into it. To tell the truth, I couldn’t resist and I’ve already read the first story, I love it and it brought tears to my eyes. Hugh’s stories always surprise me.

Have a lovely Sunday, and if you care, let me know which book are you reading right now, so I can add to my list.

24 thoughts on “on my bedside table

  1. I’m not familiar with these titles…thanks for sharing and your reviews. I just finished Austin Keon’s new title: Keep Going. It’s for sure one that requires “reader’s notations” and several reads – filled with all sorts of pithy ideas.


  2. Out of the books in the images I have read “little women”. Now a days I am reading Laurie Lee’s “Cider with Rosie” and a book on mahabharta in marathi (indian language).
    To shift the flow of my thoughts I need to read.

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  3. Elizabeth, thank you so much for featuring my new collection of short stories in this post. Such lovely words from you too about the first story, The Whistle. I’m sorry it made you cry, but I’m also glad it did because that tells me that I got the message in the story over.

    I’m so glad that you also get so much enjoyment out of reading.

    Have a wonderful week.

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    1. You are welcome my friend! For sure you delivered your message in the first story, it’s a great one! I posted on IG too, but I couldn’t find you there! I wanted to tag you, have you closed your account? Have a lovely week!

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  4. You are reading an interesting selection of books! The Untethered Soul sounds good. I must check it out! At the moment I am reading A Cottage and Three Acres: The story of one woman’s return to Ireland in her quest for Eden by Colette O’Neill. Colette sells her books on her website BealtaineCottage.com. The book tells the story of how she transformed three acres of poor land in Ireland into a lush woodland garden and how she transformed her life at the same time – very inspiring!

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  5. One of my favorites is The Untethered Soul. Not familiar with 3 of your choices, No Exit, Daisy Jones & the Six, In the Full Light of the Sun. Going to investigate them. Thanks

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    1. The Untethered Soul is one of my favourites too! No Exit is a thriller, fast-paced and Daisy Jones about the 70s and Full Light of the Sun is a historical book about some work of Van Gough, seems wonderful. Thank you for visiting!


  6. I have tried to read Little Women many times, and it is one of the few books I just can’t seem to get through! I find that fascinating. I don’t know any of the others in your photo. Thanks for sharing – I’m going to look for those next time I’m at the library! I love checking out (pun intended?!) new-to-me books and authors!

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    1. I agree! Little Women isn’t an easy reading, I read it when at school, decades ago, but I decided to read it again, so I bought this copy, it transports us to the universe of those little girls, all the innocence and dreams of that time.



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