Sunday Stills: Frozen River

Today, Terri asks us to post about Frozen, an easy theme for me. I only need to cross a street to take a few pics of a frozen river. Many pretty spots to shoot, but this one above is magical, an ice sculpture!

This corner was sparking while being bathed with sunshine. I stopped there a little bit, a few minutes of solitude listening to the water move under the ice.

And on the way, I found this piece of ice shaped like a heart. Yes, secret messages everywhere.

Hope you enjoyed to walk along the frozen river with me.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

25 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Frozen River

    1. I love to find them, to some it will be only a piece of ice, but to me it’s a sign confirming the thoughts I had few minutes before. The mind finds what needs to be found! Have a great week my frind!

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  1. beautiful images! and after my recent trip to ice and snow i can appreciate these so much more, the secret messages part touches my heart Elizabeth, how wonderful that you bring that to our attention!

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