Sunday Stills: Window

Hugh, from Hugh’s Views & News, for Sunday Stills. 

I haven’t joined a challenge for so long, but being a friend of Hugh for many years, I’ve decided to give it a try.

Today Hugh asks us to write about windows. This is my view, right now, from my living room window. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to go out.

We had a massive snow storm yesterday, we were snowed in all day. Not being able to move the car for grocery shopping, my refrigerator is empty! Being at home all day with 2 teenages, you can imagine…

View from my kitchen window during the storm, it’s so pretty, but not easy to handle. I spent the day baking, journaling and drinking lots of tea to keep warm.

Now the last one is the view to my backyard, the sun is shining but it’s very cold, – 13 degrees Celsius, and again I’m wondering how many layers I’ll have to dress up to go out!

Hope you enjoy your Sunday, and check Hugh’s blog for joining the challenge or wondering about windows.

17 responses to “Sunday Stills: Window”

  1. I stocked up on groceries before the storm, and although we didn’t get as much snow as predicted, it was still good to be able to leave the shopping till today. Take care when you go out.

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  2. I heard about the big snowstorm some parts of North America have had, Elizabeth. I agree it can look beautiful but, like a favourite character you fall in love with who then turns out to be the murderer, it can also be so dangerous. Some parts of Europe have had record-breaking amounts of snow, too, and weather forecasters are forecasting the UK to get some of that snow towards the end of this week.
    I hope you manage to get out to stock up.
    Thank you for showing us the view from your windows, and for participating in the Sunday Stills challenge which I’m hosting this week and next.
    Stay warm.

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