noticing # 62

Such a great book! I love the way Jodi’s characters are created and molded by the circumstances. The way she started it, from the ending to the beginning, made my imagination wonder most of the time trying to understand the motive behind certain scenes. 

Well, if you need a nice reading for the holidays, this one for sure is a great choice. 

Noticing how a well-written book is able to take me inside the mind of other people. 

5 thoughts on “noticing # 62

  1. i love her writing, she’s been my favourite for a long time now. i like how she deals with difficult subjects with much clarity. happy holidays and happy reading time Elizabeth dear!!

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      1. I have read most of her work and have quite a number of her books. My daughter gifted me one a few Christmas ago and we share the love for her writing, yes some tough subjects, one that was quite provocative was “Sing Me Home” about LGBT relationships and infertility, very raw and real. Lovely holidays to you too!!

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