noticing # 58

Cheerful! I’ll try to be cheerful for now on, I was turning myself into a bitter woman. This year hasn’t been easy for me, so I started to live in a defense mode, thinking that everybody was against me. I was hurting myself and hurting loved ones. These last weeks were horrible, I completely lost mind.

I started an online writing course on Monday, Write 21.  We need to focus on just one thing for 21 days, something we want to accomplish, to get better on …, I’ve recognized that I need to rescue myself back from the darkness, and one way to do it is being cheerful towards others and mainly towards me. 

To my surprise, it’s working! I’m feeling much better. In these 2 days I’m practicing to be cheerful, I’ve talked with people that before I only said hello and turn my face away, I’ve smiled more, I let go of bad thoughts, and I’m not bringing work problems to home. I’m not sure how long it will last but I’m trying to make being ‘cheerful’ a habit! 

Have a nice Friday my friends!

12 thoughts on “noticing # 58

  1. Elizabeth, we are allowed pity parties when we need them. That helps us get it out and move forward. To thine own self be true. I was keeping it all inside. One person to talk to and a good cry (when needed) was a huge help. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Baby steps….. Love to you, my friend.

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  2. Oh bless you, dear Elizabeth! It’s a wonderful practice – may you make the 21 days – but do NOT beat yourself up when you have a grumpy day! You can try again on the morrow ❤
    Re planners – I used Papaya this year (whose products I usually love). It IS beautiful (gorgeous artwork!), but NOT robust – fell apart after 6 months! Been holding it together with duct tape!
    For 2019, I'm using this diary
    I LOVE their diaries 🙂

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