Fence on the top of the world

I’m joining Cee’s black & white challenge. This week is FENCE. I took these photos 2 years ago while visiting the CN Tower in Toronto.

This view is from the tiny dome on the top of the big one. We took one elevator to the big dome and another one to the top. It’s pretty scare to be up there, it’s like we are in a cage, the wind is strong, but I guess the view is the reward for being brave.

For sure it is a place to visit when in Toronto!


8 thoughts on “Fence on the top of the world

    1. I went up several times when younger, now I’m scared like chicken 🙂 I had few relatives visiting so I took them up there, they love it. the elevator ride is great too, it’s an adventure, and do you believe that people can walk outside around the first dome?


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