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  • Art pages

    Art pages

    You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? Rumi Recently I’ve joined an art page on IG. It was great to explore a little bit of creativity using images and quotes. The top page was inspired by one of Rumi’s quotes. His quotes/poems are always so peaceful. The image I’ve chosen shows […]

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  • green


    blue and yellow blast i’m lost in a field of dreams edge of the abyss i look at my hands the tiny emerald ring roots me to the earth it’s time to grow and renew the grass dancing with the breeze Is anyone else feeling at the edge of the abyss? This winter has been […]

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  • Bending


    Plenty of snow/ice around here, however, I can feel spring is coming. We had a warm-weather this long weekend, perfect for a stroll by the river. This week’s theme for Tanka Tuesday is Transitions. Well, winter to spring transition is always welcome!

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  • Abhanga :: the supper is ready

    spiced Indian eggplant crisp chickpeas, delicious mangoes are nutritious chai, just perfect This evening I cooked garlic Indian eggplant for supper. It was delish, I didn’t have time to take a photo. The recipe is super easy: Slice a few Indian or Chinese eggplants into rings, roast in the oven with a little bit of […]

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