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  • 25/30 – it’s the little things

    25/30 – it’s the little things

    Overnight oats. Delish meal, easy and nutritious, depending on what you add to it. This one has oats, almond milk, chia seeds, cocoa, vegan protein powder, and fresh strawberries. It has around 300 calories and most of them are proteins! I’m eating one bowl each morning around 7 am and I only get hungry around […]

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  • 24/30 – it’s the little things

    24/30 – it’s the little things

    Fading. My favourite red roses are fading, they were the queens of my garden for a while, you can check one of them here. Now they are giving space for other flowers to shine. They are still pretty and I love the fragrance, the softness of the petals and the colours changing little by little. […]

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  • 23/30 – it’s the little things

    23/30 – it’s the little things

    Reading. I read two books at once, I mean, I’ve two books going on at the same time. One a paper book and the other a kindle book. I like to read the paper book during the daytime and the kindle during bedtime. My two last reads were great! Both are about women carving their […]

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  • 22/30 – it’s the little things

    22/30 – it’s the little things

    Softness. Most of my photos are taken with my iPhone. I have a Nikon camera and recently hubby gave me a macro lens. I’m having a hard time adapting to this lens, it’s not easy to focus and most of the time the photos don’t turn out nice. I took lots of photos during the […]

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  • 21/30 – it’s the little things

    21/30 – it’s the little things

    First day of summer! We had a heatwave last week, wow, it was hot, almost impossible to be outdoors during the day. This week the weather is pleasant, long walks are welcome and I’m enjoying the flowers around the neighbourhood. This garden is so pretty, I love messy gardens with a variety of flowers, including […]

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  • 20/30 – it’s the little things

    20/30 – it’s the little things

    This tiny beauty was on my way, I took the photo and later realized that it is out of focus. I was going to delete it, but I thought better and decide to keep it as it is, no filter, no focus, just being there. It’s ok to have an imperfect photo, the same with […]

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