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  • gardening


    It has been a couple of weeks since I finished it’s the little things challenge. I haven’t posted since then and I miss this space. The summer is going by fast, it’s almost midsummer, and I’m enjoying every bit of it. My garden is gorgeous, with many flowers and vegetables. We have lots of cucumbers […]

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  • 30/30 – it’s the little things

    30/30 – it’s the little things

    Yes, it’s the last day of my little challenge, it’s the little things! Hope you have enjoyed the ride, and I have inspired you to pay more attention to the tiny little things around you. It’s a beautiful morning, fresh and the birds are singing. I’ve my cup of coffee and my journal open. I’m […]

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  • 29/30 – it’s the little things

    29/30 – it’s the little things

    Crystals. Touching them brings me calm, it’s like I’m in a forest or close to the ocean. I have a few which I bought or received as a gift. I don’t believe they have any power, but they are a piece of the Earth and being in contact with the natural elements of Earth is […]

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  • 28/30 – it’s the little things

    28/30 – it’s the little things

    Buttons. My collection of buttons never stops growing. Now, most of the clothes have duplicated buttons in case we lose one of them, the extra ones go to my collection. I always remove them before discarding any old shirts/dresses. Some of the buttons in my collection are precious to me. Others are pretty, and others […]

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  • 27/30 – it’s the little things

    27/30 – it’s the little things

    I can’t believe it’s the last week of posting it’s the little things! I’m starting this week with lavender fragrance, isn’t it wonderful. My lavender bush is blooming and I can’t wait to make delicious things with the blossoms. I use them for tea, salads, and smoothies …, and I make many pouches loaded with […]

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  • 26/30 – it’s the little things

    26/30 – it’s the little things

    New mug. I have many mugs/cups, but I can’t resist when I find a pretty mug in a store. This is my new acquisition. I love the soft tulips, the size and weight of this mug. A little something just for me. A tiny drop of self-care because I smile when I look at it. […]

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