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  • Yellow


    yellowbetween light and shadows imitation of lifeup and downsdarkness and happiness

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  • Science


    between tubes and plates experiments going on the results inspire it’s all science is about little by little positive or negative questions and answers the pathways are completed the enchantment is broken Tanka Tuesday this week is Share your Day! I’ve chosen to share a little bit of my workday with you using a poetry […]

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  • Snowflakes in March

    Snowflakes in March

    We are having snowflakes again this weekend, maybe the last ones of the season, and they always bring the feeling of ‘farewell’ the winter is gone and Earth is getting ready for a new cycle. Seasons change, so do we. NikkiChe Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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  • Hump day

    Hump day

    Yes, above is the photo of Sunday breakfast, today it is only yogurt and cereal, not worth a photo. Hump day means the middle of a workweek, 2 days gone and 2 more to go, in my case 3 to go, today, Wednesday, is one of the longest workdays for me. I’m starting now at […]

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  • First signs of spring

    First signs of spring

    Happy Spring everyone! We are still freezing here in my city in Canada, but last week I saw the first signs of spring while visiting New York City. Those tiny purple flowers on the ground made me smile. Tanka Tuesday this week is a theme prompt: Fire and Water, below is my poem where I’ve […]

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  • New York, New York

    New York, New York

    From the business of Times Square to … … the calmness of Central Park. I really love this city!

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