33 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday :: Petal

  1. I see petals as letters falling to the ground to ‘write’ cryptic verse where they land 😀
    I enjoy walking in a petal ‘storm’. Sometimes thinking – I’m glad these petals aren’t cold snowflakes 🙂

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  2. I do see the same “word” similarities, Elizabeth showing opposite reactions to the same event. I love your photo and poem. I think we dwell in both moments.

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  3. Elizabeth, “Thoughts and pen falling apart.” I pictured pieces of both lying on the blank paper like petals around the rose bush. But that couldn’t have been what you meant. Then I imagined your thoughts dripping into words which flowed from your pen, sticking to the paper. leaving both the thought and the pen behind and ready to begin a new life of their own.

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      1. Very different than what I imagined, but I did exactly what you were thinking. I wrote down my scattered thoughts about the poem, not knowing if they were correct, but just as they hit me. It was a fun way to engage with the poem. Not all poems engage me that much, but for some reason those words lit a fire under me. Isn’t it interesting which words spark conversations? This was a great post, Elizabeth because days later I still remember exactly what I was thinking when I read your words. Kuddos! 🙂

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