Bright Cards

Abstract art is my favorite kind of expression. It can be photography, paint, drawing…, I like to make them and to admire the work of others.

I’ve been making art pages, cards for many years and for almost a decade I’ve been posting them on Instagram. I’ve a beautiful community in there, we inspire and cheer each other up. I’ve joined many art challenges, it is a great way to connect with like-minded people, learn new techniques and share my work. The 100 day project is going on now, I’ve joined it for many years, and it’s fun to work for 100 days on an artsy project. I’ve chosen abstract art cards for this year.

I was posting every day or at the weekend my cards. Around the 50th card, I received a nasty comment “You shouldn’t call it art, gluing images or dumping painting on a piece of paper isn’t art!” I got really upset and stopped posting them, I still keep up making them, here you see the 51st to 75th cards. My cards are one way to express my feelings, a card can take a few minutes to make, others hours or weeks. It’s not easy to transfer our feelings to a piece of paper.

I looked up the definition of art and says:

“something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.

I think that my tiny little cards can be included as ‘art’. What do you think?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso

Bright Square

12 thoughts on “Bright Cards

  1. I think they’re great and an expressive extension of you. I still make mine and have new ideas floating round in my head, especially as the trimmings I usually use don’t seem to be available anymore. Keep making your cards Elizabeth. Whoever made the comment probably doesn’t have an artistic bone in their body and wouldn’t recognise genuine original art if it hit them in the face!

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  2. Keep on posting, Elizabeth! I agree with Becky B–what a horrid comment! I cannot do what you do–so I admire your art. Don’t give that person what they wanted–to make you feel bad about yourself. Rise up, Elizabeth!

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  3. what a horrid comment. These are definitely art, they are wonderful. I would be over the moon to receive one of these cards, and would definitely save it as art. You are very talented

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