Tanka Tuesday: Comfort

Good morning! It’s another Tuesday, time for some poetry. It’s raining, but not normal rain, it’s ice rain. The school buses have been canceled, but I need to go to work. Waiting a little bit, not sure if it will get worse or better, but now I want to enjoy a cup of coffee and poetry before venturing out into the wild weather.

Today’s words are Meaning and Passion, but synonyms! Of course, I’ve chosen Haiga again!

The sense of bare trees
Listening and whispering
Warmth of my being

Have a lovely day!


22 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday: Comfort

    1. Thanks so much Colleen, I’m trying to find my way with words, to let my feelings show up through them. I don’t talk much about my feelings, I’m an introvert! Your opnion is important to me, this means I’m on the right track!

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      1. There is such a fine line that dances between words and images and how they convey a message. Poetry and visual art help to express emotions. I think that is healthy. Keep doing what you’re doing. I can see a photo/poetry book in your future. ❤

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