12 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday: Stillness

  1. Happy Thursday. The tree stands tall, but bends in the wind, it conserves energy in the winter, buds in spring, shows it full glory in summer, and starts to mellow in autumn. Then the cycle repeats.

    There is strenght in its stillness, wisdom in it is bones.. beauty in its being..

    Can we be like a tree, adjusting per season and repeating it all and stay beautiful?

    Loved your post got me thinking.

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  2. this was a meditative thought and thank you for it. I love trees, especially old big trees, just placing my palm on one gives me deep healing. you have a tender compassion and nurturing soul, so wonderful to read your words

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    1. I’m a tree hugger dear Gina, not much now in the winter, but I always try to be close to them and like you said, receive some energy from them. Thanks for your lovely words my friend!


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