17 thoughts on “inconsistency

    1. My dear, I know! I’m tired of giving up the stuff that makes me happy so I can open space for others. I’m confused, not thinking straight right now, but I need to make my priorities clear to me. Love to you too my friend!


    1. Dear Grace, yes I’m listening to my body, taking easy, but my mind isn’t cooperating at all. Each empty space is filled with thoughts that aren’t welcome. hugs to you and thanks for being here.


  1. I wonder sometimes if our needs are filled more quickly when we just relax, instead of trying so hard.
    Wishing you good relaxation, and that your needs are filled quickly.


  2. hello my darling sweet friend! please keep on the good fight for your needs. they have value as you do! you bring hope and kindness with your words and photos! many hugs from the equator my dear Elizabeth!

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      1. whenever it comes it will be the perfect one. let it sit in your heart awhile. being inconsistent is not a bad thing, it’s the variety and spice of life, take it that way. everyday we can be better than before!



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